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The Helicopters for Sale directory provides a way for buyers to search specifically for helicopters for sale. Helicopter listings include year, make and model, and many have photos available of the helicopters for sale.

Many businesses find helicopters are a tremendous asset for their companies. With their ability to get in and out of places faster than spending hours stuck in traffic. If your business requires a helicopter, then look through the options we have available including models from Bell, Airbus, Augusta and many other popular helicopters. If you’re a news station looking for a traffic copter or a hospital needing something for medical transport, or just a business or private individual looking for transportation, we have what you need.

Helicopters For Sale Title Aircraft Type State Yearsort icon Price Serial #
Sikorsky S-76C++ Sikorsky S-76C++ Call for price 760741
Sikorsky S-76C Sikorsky S-76C++ Call for price 760788
Sikorsky S-76C Sikorsky S-76C++ Call for price 760805
Sikorsky S-76C++ Sikorsky S-76C++ Call for price 760806
Bell 212 (BLR Fast Fin) 1972 Call for price 30542
Bell 205A-1+ 1975 $2,500,000 30168
Bell 205A1++ Bell 205A1++ BC 1976 $3,350,000 30230
Bell 212 1976 Call for price 30783
Airbus Helicopters AS350B3 Airbus Helicopters AS350B3 BC 1978 Call for price 1011
Sikorsky S-61N Sikorsky S-61N BC 1978 $3,500,000 61778
Bell 212 Bell 212 BC 1978 Call for price 30893
Bell 206B Bell 206B 1978 Call for price 8554
Bell 206B III Bell 206B III 1979 Call for price 2843
Airbus Helicopters AS350BA Airbus Helicopters AS350BA BC 1980 Call for price 1374
Bell 206L-1 / C30P BC 1980 $650,000 45376
Bell 222 Bell 222 1980 Call for price 47028
VIP Bell 222UT 1980 Call for price 47532
Bell 412 TX 1981 $3,875,000 33017
Bell 206B Bell 206B 1981 Call for price 8623
EMS Configured Eurocopter BK117B-2 Airbus Helicopters BK 117B-2 1985 $1,300,000 7056
Airbus Helicopters AS350 BA Airbus Helicopters AS350 BA 1986 Call for price 1922
Airbus Helicopters AS365N Airbus Helicopters AS365N BC 1986 Call for price 6128
Bell 412 Bell 412 1987 Call for price 25504
Bell 412HP 1988 Call for price 33160
Bell 212 TX 1991 $3,075,000 35034