Business Air has Cessna jets for sale that can be used for business travel. For decades the engineers at Cessna have been designing jets for corporate travel. If you want your company to travel in style, but also in an environment conducive to getting work done, then a Cessna jet is an ideal choice. Cessna jets are designed for small groups to travel easily and quickly about. If you’re looking for a corporate aircraft for your company than go through our extensive list of Cessna jets for sale to find one that meets your needs. If you have a used Cessna aircraft you wish to sell, then by listing it with Business Air you’ll reach business people throughout the world.
Aircraft Aircraft Type Registration Number State Yearsort icon Price Posted
Cessna Citation X N521FP CA 1997 $3,695,000 1 year 11 weeks ago
Cessna Citation VII N650HW 1997 $2,695,000 11 weeks 2 days ago
Cessna Citation VII N650HW 1997 Call for price 2 weeks 5 days ago
Cessna Citation Excel N814BR 1998 Call for price 36 weeks 3 days ago
Cessna Citation Ultra N85EB CO 1998 Call for price 6 weeks 1 day ago
Cessna Citation X N72FD 1999 Call for price 18 weeks 5 days ago
Citation X C-GMNC 1999 Call for price 14 weeks 2 days ago
Cessna Citation Excel LV-CCG 2000 Call for price 1 year 19 weeks ago
Cessna Citation X N910E 2000 Call for price 20 weeks 5 days ago
Cessna Citation X N910VP 2000 Call for price 5 weeks 3 days ago