A Revolution Has Taken Flight

In 2013, Kenny Dichter saw an opportunity to further democratize private aviation, creating a membership model that leverages technology, value and exclusivity on the King Air 350i. In just four short years, Wheels Up has positioned itself as a viable competitor in the industry, growing from a small disruptive start-up to a category leader that has broadened the addressable market, making it possible for more people to fly privately that ever before.

For a modest initiation fee and low annual dues, Wheels Up provides two membership types for different needs. Whether it’s for personal use with family and friends or for business use with employees and clients, Wheels Up provides the same exceptional and sensible experience for every individual and business.

Wheels Up Members receive guaranteed access, up to 365 days a year, to a private fleet of over 75 aircraft. This members-only fleet consists of the exclusive 8-passenger King Air 350i and the 8-passenger Citation Excel/XLS. Always flown by two captain-rated Gama Aviation pilots, every Wheels Up aircraft is equipped with WiFi, Gogo Text & Talk, enclosed lavatory and fully stocked refreshment center, so your time in the air is as enjoyable as it is on the ground.

As a turnkey, asset light private aviation solution that is ideal for business travel, Wheels Up allows companies of any size to access over 5,000 airports around the country, getting teams of people closer to their final destination and saving valuable time. Flying to multiple locations and getting back home in a single day is just one of the endless possibilities for a company to achieve its full potential.

The King Air 350i has been the perfect blend of intelligence and workhorse, servicing a membership base that recognizes the value in a practical and functional flying. The King Air 350i is ideal for short-haul flights and is unmatched in comfort, range and efficiency in its class. It is significantly more economical than comparable aircraft while offering virtually the same flight time for short to medium distances.

The other aircraft type in the Wheels Up fleet is the Citation Excel/XLS, the most popular business jet in the world. The Citation Excel/XLS, complete with a stand-up cabin, complements the short-haul efficiency of the King Air 350i with a flight range of approximately 4 hours. 

When Wheels Up Members require longer range flights (4+ hours) or travel with more than 8 passengers, the Wheels Up Flight Desk is the perfect complement to their private fleet. Their in-house team of long-time industry experts work with only the safest and most reliable charter operators, who must go through a rigorous assessment and approval process that includes a full on-site audit of facilities and aircraft.

Wheels Up is dedicated to meeting the most demanding travel needs of companies across the country and guarantees unmatched convenience, ultimate flexibility, unrivaled access and total reliability. When companies fly with Wheels Up, they are not only getting access to their fleet of aircraft, but to a dedicated Member Services team available to arrange and monitor their every travel detail. From booking and monitoring flights to arranging catering and ground transportation, Wheels Up Member Services leaves no stone unturned to ensure that members are receiving the absolute best experience possible. 

Serving as a perfect partner for companies that have a corporate flight department to manage an owned fleet of aircraft, Wheels Up is the ultimate insurance policy for when company owned aircraft are down for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. With a single phone call or e-mail, Wheels Up is there to keep your busy team flying safely and privately with no interruption. Additionally, corporate flight departments that manage large cabin aircraft with higher operating rates than the 8-passenger King Air 350i, can strategically partner with Wheels Up, using them for flights under 2 hours and get more out of their travel budget. Because there is no asset ownership or minimum hours commitment with Wheels Up, your company can relax knowing that it made an intelligent investment.


Wheels Up does not operate aircraft; FAA licensed and DOT registered air carriers participating in the program exercise full operational control of all flights offered by or arranged through Wheels Up. For on-demand flights and shuttle flights operated as scheduled service, Wheels Up acts solely as an agent for Wheels Up members and guests in arranging these flights on their behalf. For shuttle flights operated as Public Charter service, Wheels Up acts as principal in offering these flights subject to the DOT’s Public Charter rules contained in 14 CFR Part 380. All aircraft owned or leased by Wheels Up are leased to the operating air carrier and are operated exclusively by that air carrier.