American Aero FTW Defines the FBO of the Future

To some, an FBO is simply a gas station for private aviation customers—a place to refuel, park a plane for a night or two, and move on. In fact, not much has changed since the first such operations opened in the early 1920s, when pilots and mechanics who made their living navigating the airways began looking for permanent, fixed-base operations. Until now.

American Aero FTW at Meacham International Airport in Fort Worth, Texas, is redefining the FBO experience. With a leadership team that has spent decades in both cockpits and cabins of private jets, American Aero FTW is founded on the idea that today’s customers expect and deserve more.

“We know what pilots, flight crews, and passengers want, and we designed our facilities, services, and amenities to anticipate, meet, and exceed those needs,” explained American Aero FTW Vice President Bob Agostino, a nationally renowned pilot and safety expert. “We’ve created an environment that allows flight crews to relax before the next flight with the knowledge that their passengers and the aircraft they are responsible for—worth millions of dollars—will be handled with the utmost care.”

So, what does this FBO of the future look like? It starts with being designed and owned by a flight department.  It is an architecturally modern facility with museum quality artwork and soaring ceilings. American Aero FTW also possesses the expected features: passenger lobbies, pilot lounges, conference rooms, a soundproof sleep room, and a well-equipped kitchen. However, each space is a notch or more above the usual FBO standard. No detail is too small: from designer furniture to onsite customs for international flights, an upgrade or special touch can be found in every corner.

Even on a busy day, pilots can easily maneuver on American Aero FTW’s 11 acres of open ramp, and ground handling capabilities are designed to accommodate any sized private aircraft. Meanwhile, discriminating passengers experience five-star customer service at every touchpoint.

American Aero FTW is also leading the industry in ground handling safety. In 2015, it was the first FBO in the Western Hemisphere to take on a rigorous new certification from the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH), and last year became one of the first FBOs to earn IS-BAH Stage II certification.

Agostino added that all of this is about truly understanding customer needs and expanding the safety envelope so passengers and flight crews experience the same level of service and excellence on the ground that they demand in the sky.

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