Cessna 421B Riley Turbine

Aircraft Information

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Aircraft Description: 

The perfect combination of the Cessna Golden Eagle’s cabin comfort and Honeywell’s turboprop smoothness and performance. N59NM is equipped with a pair of recently hot sectioned Honeywell LTP-101A/600’s designed to 600 SHP but thermally flat-rated to 475 SHP! This enables N59NM to cruise at speeds approaching 230-knots on 55-gallons per hour in a whisper quiet cabin! The Garmin avionics upgrade with MFD, EFIS and a digital autopilot complete the instrument panel.

Airframe Information

* 4015-hours since new
* No Known Damage History
* Hangared in Private Corporate Hangar
* Always US based

Engine(s) Information

Honeywell LTP-101A/600-A1A Turbine Engines
* 50-hours Since 600/1200-hour/HSI by Intermountain Turbine in January 2013

Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 

Updated Garmin Panel with WAAS, MFD & EFIS
* Garmin GNS530W #1 Navcom
* Garmin GNS480 #2 Navcom
* Garmin GMX200 MFD
* STEC 60-2 AP/FD with Altitude Preselect, Yaw Damp & GPSS Steering
* Sandel 3500 Electronic HSI
* Ryan 9900BX Traffic & Collision Avoidance
* Garmin GTX320 & UPSAT SL70 Transponders
* UPS-AT SL15 Audio Panel w/3-Light Marker Beacon Display
* Sperry 800 Series dual-needle RMI
* Sperry Radar Altimeter

Props Information

510-hours Since OH by NW Propeller

Additional Modifications / Conversions
Modifications / Conversions: 

Riley Jetprop Conversion completed in March 1979 in Carlsbad, CA:

* Maximum Gross Weight........7,579 lb.
* Empty Weight..........................5,406 lb.
* Useful Load.............................2,173 lb.
* Full Fuel Payload.......................364 lb.

* Maximum Fuel......................1,809 lb. (270 US gallons/4.8-hours with 30-min. reserve)

* Fuel w/Normal Payload.......1,809 lb. (270 US gallons/4.8-hours with 30-min. reserve)
(assumes 2 people @ 170 lb.)

* Fuel w/Corporate Payload...1,493 lb. (223 US gallons/3.9-hours with 30-min. reserve)
(assumes 4 people @ 170 lb.)

* Fuel w/Heavy Payload..........1,153 lb. (172 US gallons/2.9-hours with 30-min. reserve)
(assumes 6 people @ 170 lb.)

* Fuel Burn @ Normal Cruise...170-200 lb./hour/engine (50-60 US gallons/hour)

* Normal Cruise Speed..........235-250 KTAS @ FL170-FL230

Interior / Exterior Information

The six passenger interior features four gray leather passenger seats in a club configuration including two forward facing seats in the aft cabin also in gray leather. There is gray carpeting throughout the cabin and cockpit, gray side panels and a light gray headliner. The cabin features dual writing tables, overhead reading lights and fresh air vents. There is a forward cabin divider between cockpit and cabin areas. The complete interior soft goods, carpets and wood veneer was all redone recently and show nicely.


The exterior paint is in fair condition and is completed in overall Snow White with Medium Blue and Dark Red trim stripes and Medium Gray trim accent stripes.

Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance: 

* Annual Inspection completed July 2014
* Engine 600/1200-hour Hot Section/Gearbox Inspections completed January 2012
* Engine TBO's are "on condition" per Honeywell (the factory), no STC required

Additional Information
Additional Information: 

Long List of Options!
* 270-gallon long range fuel system
* Known ice certified from the factory w/heated glass windshield
* Copilot Instrument Group
* Variable Rate Cabin Pressurization Controller
* 5.0 PSI Cabin Differential
* Micro Aerodynamics VG's
* JB Air Conditioning System
* Propeller Sync
* Cleveland Wheels & Brakes
* Second Glideslope indicator
* LH & RH Writing Tables

Contact Information

PO BOX 340
Gig Harbor, Washington, United States - 98335-0340
Ph: (253) 861-4286

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