Sikorsky S76B

Sikorsky S76B
Sikorsky S76B
Sikorsky S76B
Sikorsky S76B
Sikorsky S76B
Sikorsky S76B
Sikorsky S76B
Sikorsky S76B
Sikorsky S76B
Sikorsky S76B

Aircraft Information

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Impeccable Maintenance History

Aircraft Information sheet: 
Airframe Information

TTAF: 7500

Landings: 29683

Engine(s) Information

Engine 1: 3014.6 HSN, 5897 CSN
Engine 2: 2991.4 HSN, 5972 CSN

Main Gearbox TSO: 264.16
Intermediate G/B TSO: 0.0
Tail Rotor G/B TSO: 0.0
Spindle - Red TSN: 2038
Spindle - Yellow TSN: 2195
Spindle - Blue TSN: 0.0
Spindle - Black TSN: 0.0

Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 

• Honeywell Primus II Communications and Navigation System with Dual Integrated VHF Comm. (RCZ 850) and Dual Radio Management Units (RMU- 850), Dual Integrated Nav. (RNZ-850), and Lightning Sensor (LSZ-850)
• Dual Mode-S transponders, Dual DME, ADF
• Third VHF communications radio for clearance delivery
• Baker Cockpit Audio system with auxiliary volume controls and cabin ICS jack
• Passenger Briefer and Ramp Hailer system (NAT)
• Cockpit Voice Recorder
• Cabin paging and chime system
• Airborne Telephone System (AirCell) with handset in Cabin Credenza
• Honeywell Primus 870 Weather Radar
• Honeywell DataNav III Multi-Function Interface Unit with checklist
• Universal UNS-1D Flight Management System with GPS/TAS
• TCAS I (Bendix CAS-66A) with dual indicators
• Emergency Locator Transmitter (Artex C-406-N HM)

Interior / Exterior Information

• Executive cabin interior paneling and soundproofing system with personal service units, upholstered rear bolster, overhead emergency lighting, full-length arm rests, and coat hooks
• Cockpit-cabin divider bulkhead with sliding windows
• Cabin refreshment credenza with two hot liquid flasks, ice drawer, refreshment and condiment storage, and AirCell handset
• 3-4 Place forward-facing executive divan with fold-down table and armrests
• Rear divan seat bottom extension with compartments for trash, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, life vests and miscellaneous storage
• 2 Aft-facing single executive seats with recline and swivel
• Cabin and Cockpit Air Conditioning system (Keith)

Additional Information
Additional Information: 

Airframe & Systems
• Hinged cockpit and cabin doors, left & right side
• Improved Pilot and Copilot door lock pins
• Key locks for cockpit, cabin, and baggage compartment doors
• Hinged fuel filler caps with key locks
• Cockpit-controlled electric locks for cabin doors
• Retractable passenger boarding steps, left & right side
• Heated glass windshields
• Windshield wiper and washer system
• DC Electrical Power System with 2 DC Starter-generators and dual nose mounted batteries
• AC electrical power system with AC Generator and dual static inverters
• Manual rotor brake system
• 5P Bifilar vibration absorber
• Forward-facing recognition lights in nose windows
• Forward-facing under-fuselage recognition lights
• Nose-mounted controllable searchlight
• Fixed landing lights on left and right main gear struts
• Pulselite System
• Tel-Tail Lights on vertical stabilizer lower fairing
• 3-position strobe light system (Whelen)
• Top and bottom anti-collision lights

Instruments and Stability Systems
• Honeywell SPZ-7000 Dual Digital Automatic Flight Control System
• Honeywell EDZ-705 Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)
• Standby Self-Contained Attitude Indicator (JET ADI-330C) with battery backup
• Dual IDC encoding altimeters
• Pilot-selectable alternate static source switches
• Dual lighted approach plate holders
• Dual overhead master switch panels
• Radio master switches
• AC/DC Power Management Display (Insco)
• 5-Function Indicator (Davtron 655-2)
• Radio Altimeter (Collins ALT-55B) with digital display on EFIS
• Dual C-14A compass system (Honeywell)
• Standby vertical-card magnetic compass (Hamilton HI-400)
• Dual digital clocks (Davtron M-877)
• Roll checklist (MD-100)
• Fuel flow indicators
• Engine Performance Monitoring System (Howell H-598 EPAMS)

Mission Equipment
• Emergency Flotation System
• Wiring provisions for Auxiliary Fuel Tank (50-Gallon)

Loose Equipment
• Main rotor blade tie-downs (set)
• Exterior covers and plugs (set)
• Pitot-tube covers (2)
• Landing gear pins (3)
• Door lock keys

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