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Delivery in 2007 in the Configuration Per Your Requirements  •  Fresh From Factory

The MD540F is a version of the MD500 Defender, which is in turn based on the MD 500 civilian light helicopter. To be even more specific, the MD540F is an upgraded version of the MD530F.

The MD540F is explicitly designed to replace the US Army’s OH-58D Kiowa scout helicopters. It submitted the MD450F to the US Army Armed Aerial Scout program. The program was however ended in 2013.

These upgrades include a 6-bladed composite rotor system, tougher landing skids and an integrated digital glass cockpit. The tougher skids enabled heavier landing and take-off weights.

The digital cockpit provides many advanced pilot systems. These include multi-function color displays, a pilot helmet HUD, head tracking and a coupled FLIR camera and laser-designator. All of which make for a deadly military craft.

In terms of weaponry the MD540F comes with several options. These include Hydra 70mm rockets, laser-guided rockets, the highly successful Hellfire missiles, a 7.62mm minigun and a 50-caliber machine gun.

The MD540F is powered by an upgraded Rolls-Royce 250-C30HU turboshaft engine, which gives it an impressive 4000-pound maximum takeoff weight. An incredible 900-pound improvement over the MD530F.

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