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Delivery in 2007 in the Configuration Per Your Requirements  •  Fresh From Factory

The MD 530G Scout Attack Helicopter is the latest in a lineage that spans more than 50 years of industry-leading scout-attack helicopter evolution. Born from the combat-proven MD 530F® airframe, the MD 530G is the newest addition in MD Helicopters’ line of purpose driven scout attack helicopters.

Infused with modern technology and MDHI innovation, the agility and firepower of the MD 530G will provide significant expansion in airborne combat capabilities, enabling military customers to meet mission requirements in austere environments more effectively and efficiently than ever before. With cruise speeds in excess of 110kts, the MD 530G is designed for agile deployment with any rotary wing unit. The aircraft features increased capacity landing gear supporting the 3,750 MGTOW (max gross takeoff weight). This allows the operator to utilize the increased useful load for additional range, endurance and weapons.

With the integration of on-board systems that include a Stores Management System, forward looking infrared sensor, and an advanced communications suite, MD Helicopters has evolved a proven platform to provide comprehensive battlefield command and control coordination for the successful execution of Attack, Reconnaissance and Security missions.

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