Bell 212 (BLR Fast Fin)

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Very well equipped and upgraded with BLR Fast Fin and Strake kit. The machine is perfectly suited for both Utility and Fire Fighting operations.

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Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 
  • Panel Mount VHF Transceiver - NAT NPX136D
  • VHF/UHF Transceiver - Technisonic TFM500
  • GPS - Garmin 296
  • Satellite Tracking & Comm - Iridium S200 AFF
  • ELT - Artex 406 ME
  • Encoding Altimeter
  • Dual VHF COMM
  • Public Address / Loudhailer / Siren Control - PA 110
  • Pilot & Copilot Long Line Control
  • ATC Transponder - Garmin GTX 327
  • SEI Sacsafoam Control System
  • AM Control System - Bendix King
  • ICS - A301-6W
  • FM COMM - Wolfsburg
  • Audio Controller
Interior / Exterior Information
  • Dart Comfort Seats
  • AA Shoulder Harness Kit
  • Thirteen (13) Passenger Seats
  • Bleed Air Heaters
  • Co Pilot Instruments
  • Flight Instrument group
  • Dual Controls
Additional Information
Additional Information: 

Alpine Aerotech C-Box Drain Reservoir
AA Handle Assembly Kit
Manual Cargo Release - LH
Dart Crosstubes
Equipment Bay Shelf Extension
AA Exhaust Duct Retaining Ring Kit
Vertical Reference Door
Precise Flight Pulse Light
AA Window Kit
Onboard Cargo Hook Suspension Kit
Alpine Exhaust Deflectors
Fuel Purge Kit
Long Line Kit
Maintenance Access Panels
Blade Tie Down Kit
Alpine Aerotech Cross Tube Cap Assembly
Dart Heli-Utility Basket
BLR Tail Boom Strake Kit
Dart Skid Tubes
Dart Water Bucket Directional Control Bar
Push Out Windows - Passenger Sliding Door
Dart Cockpit Door Mod Kit
Dual Dart Cargo Mirror 
BLR Fast Fin
Bear Paws
Long Passenger Steps
High Skid Gear

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