Bell 205A1++

Bell 205A1++
Bell 205A1++
Bell 205A1++
Bell 205A1++

Aircraft Information

Serial Number: 
Registration Number: 
Aircraft Description: 

Extremely well equipped and very well maintained helicopter. The perfect fire fighting and utility helicopter.

The owner is willing to move components between helicopters to meet buyer requirements.

Location: Canada

Airframe Information

TTAF: 15,004.7

Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 

FM Radio Transceiver - Technisonic TFM-138B
VHF FM Transceiver - Kenwood TK760
GPS - Garmin 496
Dual VHF COMM - Bendix King KTR 908
Dual VHF COMM - Bendix King KFS 598
ELT - Artex ME406 HM
Transponder - KXP-576
Clock/OAT - Davitron M803
Dual Audio Control - N301A
Satellite Tracking - Skytrac ISAT100
Multiband FM TransceiverTFM 550
GPS - Garmin 296
FM Backup Radio - Kenwood
Dual Instruments
OAT/PA/DA & AC Voltage Gauge - Davtron 655

Interior / Exterior Information

Twelve (12) Passenger Seats

Additional Information
Additional Information: 

Pulse Light 2410
Federal PA / Siren - PA300
Strobe Light
Load Cell System
Kodiak System Provisions
Search Light
High Skid Gear
Windshield Wipers
Dart adjustable engine mounts
Provisions for Water Bucket
Dart Long Line Door
Dart dual GPS Mount
Dart Steps
Heli-Trade Dual Electric Boost Pump
Dart Replacement Skid Tubes
Heli-Trade T53-17B Engine
Dart replacement crosstubes fwd & aft
Heli-Trade 212 Rotor & T53-17B Eng
Pop Out Windows
Heli-Trade Howel Gauge
Eagle Copilot Emergency Cargo Release Kit
Heli-Trade Manual Start Fuel
Bristol Wire Strike Kit
Dart Mirror Kit
Onboard Cargo Suspension Assy
BLR Strake / Fast Fin Kit
Installation of Onboard Cargo Hook Keeperless
Summit Dual Battery Kit
Paravion Door Acuators Kit
Dart 204 Co-Pilot Seat
Aeronautical Chin Bubbles
AFS - filter
Dart Bearpaw Kit
Heli-Trade 212 Rotor System
Concorde Lead Acid Battery
Fuel Purge Canister
AFS - IBF system
Dual Controls
USFS Remote Anti-Theft Switches
Loud Hailer

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Contact Information

PO Box 98018
135 Davie St.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - V6Z 2Y1
Ph: (604) 669-6406

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