Airbus Helicopters EC145

Airbus Helicopters EC145
Airbus Helicopters EC145
Airbus Helicopters EC145
Airbus Helicopters EC145
Airbus Helicopters EC145
Airbus Helicopters EC145
Airbus Helicopters EC145
Airbus Helicopters EC145
Airbus Helicopters EC145
Airbus Helicopters EC145

Aircraft Information

Serial Number: 
Registration Number: 
Aircraft Description: 

Aircraft Highlights:

  • SP IFR
  • AFCS Meghas Displays
  • 8 Pax Configuration w/ Air Conditioner
  • Floats

Please contact William Sturm for more information.

Aircraft Information sheet: 
Airframe Information

TTAF: 3225

Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 

Garmin GNS-430, GPS/NAV/COM
Garmin GNS-530, GPS/NAV/COM
Garmin GA-106A, Nav Indicator
Garmin GA-56, GPS Antenna
Comant, Comm Antenna, DME Antenna
Dorne & Margolin, NAV Antenna
Chelton DM-441B, DME Tranceiver
Garmin GTX-330, Transponder
Comant, Transponder, Antenna, Splitter
Honeywell KR-21, Marker Beacon Receiver
Honeywell KA-33, Cooling Fan
Honeywell KRA-405B, Radio Altimeter RT
Sensor, Radio Altimeter Antenna
NAT, Pilot & Co-Pilot Audio Panel
NAT, Dimm Test
Honeywell WU-660, Radar Sensor
Honeywell MFRD (RO D), Radar Display
Honeywell, Radar Control Panel
Shadin ADC 2000 Air Data Computer
FMS 1 & 2 Switch
Radar Altimeter W/O Indicator
AIS ACF 528 Cooling Fan
Chelton DMS 44A DME Transceiver
Honeywell KDI 572 DME Indicator
Honeywell RDR 2000-04 Radar on KMD 540
Bendix King Radar Control Panel – KAC 504
Bendix King Multi–Fuction Display KMD540
ECD SPC-10 (HD) Inverter
Geneva P145PK Sat Phone
Garmin GI-106A VOR Indicator
Outerlink CP2 Flight Following
NAT, Passenger Audio System
NAT, Audio Isolation Control
Technisonic TFM-500, FM Transceiver
Technisonic PLF-250, Power Line Filter
Artex C406-2HM, ELT Transmitter
Artex, ELT Switch
Artex, ELT Antenna
Avidyne TAS-610, TCAD Processor
Avidyne, TCAD Display
Avidyne, Transponder Coupler
Sensor, Top Traffic Antenna
Sensor, Bottom Traffic Antenna
Icarus, Sky Connect Transceiver
Icarus, Dialer Annunciator Panel
Aero Antenna Tech, Sky Connect Antenna
Air Conditioning R134A, 117MM-100-2
Supplemental Strobe Lights, 145M-180
Super Night Scanner, 145M-195

Interior / Exterior Information

Eight (8) pax, custom VIP configuration featuring beige Leather and complimenting Tan carpet. Enhanced cabin sound proofing complete with Air-conditioning/cooling.


Overall white with mixed blue accent striping.

Additional Information
Additional Information: 

Seat Arrangement (Passenger)
PAX Seats (8)
Flight Manual (Basic)
Flight Manual (Optional)
Sun Shade
First Aid Kit
Flash Light
Fire Extinguisher, Portable
Co-Pilot Seat
Single Pilot IFR
AFCS & MEGHAS Displays
Rotor Brake
Dual Hydraulics for Cyclic & Collective Control
Wire Strike Fixed Provisions
Landing & Search Light Fixed Provisions
Cold Weather Kit
(8) Headsets & Coil Cords
Engine Compressor Washing Device
Ground Handling Wheels

Contact Information

900 Bestgate Road
Annapolis, Maryland, United States - 21401
Ph: (410) 573-1515

Email Avpro Inc.