Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+

Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+
Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+
Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+
Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+
Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+
Airbus Helicopters EC135P2+

Aircraft Information

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Aircraft Description: 

Low time, extremely well equipped helicopter with Bucher EMS Interior. Features include a DAFCS, NVG compatibility and Air Conditioning.

Location: Spain

Airframe Information

TTAF: 1730.33

Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 

Single / Dual IFR (PINAO 31111) - NVG Modified
DFACS with NVG Modified Control Unit
FCDS / MEGHAS Sensor Kit
IFR Training Screen
ELT - Aertex C406-N HM
Moving map - Euro Avionics EURONAV Ill
L2300-007-xx Solution 7 NVG modified with SMD 68
Video Radar Unit - Required for Moving Map Indication
Dual Flight control display system FCDS - MEGHAS 2x SMD 45/1x SMD 68
Dual VOR/ILS/NAV - Honeywell KNR 634 A / KFS 564 A (NVG modified)
Dual VHF AM/COMM -Honeywell KTR 908/ KFS 598 A - NVG modified
GPS - FreeFlight 2101 I/O Approach + NVG
Dual COMM Control System - Becker AS 3100-12 NVG
ADF - Chelton Wulfsberg DFS 43
ICS - Becker IC 3100-xx
GSM Phone - Fixed Provisions
3rd Comm Control for ICS in Cabin Control unit - CD-432B NVG modified
DME - Chelton / Wulfsberg DMS 44A
Dual Tactical Radio (FM) - Fixed Provisions
Keyboard - Fixed Provisions - EuroNav III
Transponder (mode S) - MST 67 A Including NVG modified control unit
2" Standby Horizon - Goodrich AI 803 CY AI 804 CD including emergency battery
Low impedance standard
Radar Altimeter - Honeywell KRA 405 B
Dual Radio Master Switch special ECD
Voice Warning Generator 611-014 (for radar altimeter)

Additional Information
Additional Information: 

Pinao Code 11111 L2576-001-00 Avionics Compartment
L3113-001-00 Slant panel
3113-001-00 Slant panel
L3411-001-00 Copilot Pitot Static System (electrically heated)
Map Case on Instrument Panel Glare Sheild
Map Case in Copilots Door
IFR – Training Screen, Fixed Provisions.
Bleed Air Heating - EMS Version
Standard Landing Gear
Windsheild Wipers
Landing & Search light - 400/200W NVG Compatible
2x200 Amp Starter Generators
40Ah / 24V Battery
Illuminated Chart Holder - Pilot
Air Conditioning - EASA 10016959
Copilot Instrument Panel with Glare Shield
First Aid Kit
Tinted Sun Shades
Washable Floor Covering for Cockpit
Two (2) Portable Fire Extinguishers
Cockpit / Cabin Separation Curtain - NVG
Boarding Step Illumination
One Hand Latching System - Clam-Shell Doors
Emergency Lights
Strobe Lights
Securing Device for Complete opening of Copilot Door
NVG Compatible Standard Cockpit Layout (Excluding Avionics Solutions)
Extended Opening Fastner - Clamshell Doors
Sliding Window in Copilot Door
Rotor Brake
Clamshell Door Window - LH
Cargo Hook System - Fixed Provisions
Dual Controls
Handheld Radio - Tetra Cassidian TPM 700 - EASA 10048077
Multifunction Step - LH instead of standard Boarding Step
Laser Pointer for SX 16 - Fixed Provisions
Cargo Hook Mirrors - Fixed Provisions
Copilot Flight Control Covers
Bambi Bucket - Fixed Provisions
ARA-EC135-AC65 Ambulance and rescue equipment Bucher EASA 10017089
Fleet tracking and management system. EASA CMA115/COA-11
Medical Oxygen support EASA APA 109041
Wire Strike Protection System
Spare Oxygen bottle tray EASA APA 109042
Airborne Status Console EASA APA 109038
Oxilog support EASA APA 109044
Cable cutter kit EASA 10031793

Contact Information

PO Box 98018
135 Davie St.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - V6Z 2Y1
Ph: (604) 669-6406

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