Learjet 75

Aircraft Information

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Aircraft Information sheet: 
Airframe Information

TTAF: 777

Landings: 668

Engine(s) Information

Engine: 777 HSN, 668 CSN - Both

APU: 343 HSN, 687 CSN

Enrolled on Smart Parts and MSP
FAA Certified and EASA Ready

Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 

Garmin 5000 avionics system with EICAS
Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)
Flight Information System (FIS) for electronic chart
System Vision System for Situational Awareness
Dual VHF Comms with 8.33 spacing
Dual VHF Navs
Dual ADF
Single DME
(2) 24 Channel GPS WAAS
Dual Mode- S transponders with ADS-B out transmission
Dual Flight Management System (FMS) w/ LPV approach
Dual Air Data System (ADS)
Dual-channel Data Acquisition Units
Single radio altimeter
Standby instrument system all-in-one including:
heading / attitude / airspeed / mach number / altitude indication
28 Amp/hour emergency power supply battery
XM Weather Capability
Weather radar system
Dual iPad Electronic Flight Book
Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) with Windshear
Dual Angle of Attack Indicators
Cockpit voice recorder (120 minutes)
Traffic Collision Avoidance System ( TCAS II, 7.1 )
406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT )
Takeoff / Landing (TOLD) Performance Database
Surface Awareness System (SAS)
Advanced weather radar
Surface Watch / Smart Taxi)

Interior / Exterior Information

Fischer & Entwicklungen (F&E) crew seats
Co-pilot 0820-0-R-1Q05L1110
Pilot 0820-0-L-1Q05L1110

Cabin Audio / Visual Equipment
(8) Headset jacks, 1 for each seat location
(8) Audio head sets
(1) I-Pod dock in galley
(6) 7" pop up screens 1 each seat except emergency club seats
(1) 12.1" forward LCD monitor
(1) HDMI input port VIP seat
(8) USB charger (5VDC) each seat
(5) 110 volt outlets: 1 between each club, 1 in lav
(2) Additional 110V outlets in cockpit
(4) Additional 110V outlets in cockpit

Cabin Appointments
Double club Floorplan
Seatbelt extensions
Floor tracking (creative solution to cover tracking)
Forward galley
Custom carpet package
Throw Rugs (1) entrance (4) between club seats
Standard wood veneer package rubbed oil stained finish
Standard satin nickel plating
Carpeted seat bases
Externally serviced flushing toilet (AFT)
Lavatory sink
Lighted vanity mirror
Belted lavatory seat (certified for takeoff and landing)
Microwave oven
Single hot liquid warmer


Split base color with detail paint
Detail paint
(2) landing
(2) pulsating recognition
(2) LED nav lights on wingtip and tail
(2) Tail logo lights
(2) anti-collision strobe
Wing inspection lights
Flood lighting re-fueling panel / baggage door
Aircraft locking package / keyed alike

Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance: 

Optional Service Bulletins
Environmental control noise reduction
FOD protection - antennae
Modify strobe light switch
Door reel rub block
Baggage door restraint
Passenger door secondary latch arm
Lower cowl channel boot
Thrust reverser—Alternate pinning provision
Increase maximum zero fuel weight (16,500 lbs) placards and markings

Additional Information
Additional Information: 

Features / Options
Thrust Reversers
Maintenance interphone
Maintenance recording in flight and on-ground
Rail-mounted sun visors
Dual digital clocks integrated with G5000 Avionics
Digital variable position spoilers
Triple heated pitot static probes
Fire detection system
(2) Two Halon fire extinguishers in flight crew compartment
(1) One Halon fire extinguisher in lavatory
Crew oxygen masks
Ice detection system
Windshield anti-ice and defogging
Electronically-heated cockpit foot warmers
CD-ROM maintenance manual
Honeywell RE100 (LJ) APU
(2) 24 VDC 38 Ampere-Hour Batteries
Standard emergency battery capacity increased from10 to 28 amps
Increased oxygen capacity 22.8 to 40 cubic feet
Portable oxygen bottle to meet Canadian certificate
Tailcone baggage restraint net
Iridium with ATG broadband system (cockpit headsets /
(2) cabin wired handsets)
2D-moving map system (NiceView Lite)

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