Gulfstream G550

Aircraft Information

Serial Number: 
Registration Number: 
Aircraft Information sheet: 
Airframe Information

TTAF: 1248

Landings: 396

Gross: 91000
Empty: 53000
Max Take Off: 91000
BoW: 49043
Max Zero Fuel: 53000
Max Landing: 75300
Date Last Weighed: June 23, 2013

Engine(s) Information

Rolls-Royce BR710C4-11

Left: S/N 15947
1248 HSN, 396 CSN

Right: S/N 15948
1248 HSN, 396 CSN

Program: RRCC
Inspection Status: June 9, 2016

APU: Honeywell RE-220   S/N P-747
1230 HSN

Last HSI c/w: May 29, 2015
On MSP Gold

Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 

Four (4) Honeywell DU-1310 Flat Panel Display Units
Two (2) Honeywell DC-884 Display Controllers
One (1) Honeywell/Kollsman Visual Guidance System (VGS)
Three (3) Honeywell MAU-913 Modular Avionics Units
One (1) Honeywell GP-500 Flight Guidance Panel
Three (3) Honeywell MC-850 Multifunction Control Display Units
Three (3) Honeywell AZ-200 Air Data Modules
One (1) Honeywell WU-880 Weather Radar Receiver/Transmitter Antenna
Two (2) Honeywell WC-884 Weather Radar Controllers
Three (3) Honeywell IR-500 Laserref V Micro Inertial Reference Units
Two (2) Honeywell MRC-855A Modular Radio Cabinets
Three (3) Honeywell AV-900 Audio Panels
One (1) Honeywell MT-860 Third Navigation/Communication Cabinet
Two (2) Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeters
One (1) Universal Avionics Flight Data Recorder (88 Parameters)
Two (2) Davtron Digital Clocks
One (1) L3 EBDI-4000 Radio Magnetic Indicator (Standby RMI)
One (1) L3 Magnetometer
One (1) L3 GH-3100 Standby Attitude/Airspeed/Altitude Indicator
One (1) L3 RT-951 Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance System (TCAS 2000)
Two (2) Mason Cursor Cntrol Devices
One (1) Miltope printer (cockpit)
One (1) Honeywell MCS 7000+ SATCOM
One (1) Chelton SATCOM antenna
One (1) Aircell Call Alerter switch (ACA)
One (1) Aircell Axxess Handset Interface (AHI-2)
One (1) Aircell Cabin Telecommunication Router
One (1) Aircell Transceiver ST-4200
One (1) Sensor Systems Dual Element Antenna
One (1) Aircell Iridium-based wired handset (cockpit)

Avionics Options Installed
ASC 002D – Digital Flight Data Recorder System Upgrade to 88 parameters
ASC 014A – Category II Annunciation - Activation
ASC 035A – EASA / JAA Certification Basic Requirements
ASC 061B - Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display Installation
ASC 063B – Wing Fuel Transfer System, Mid-Wing Ejector Modification
ASC 065A – Runway Awareness Advisory System Installation
ASC 071 – Micro Quick Access Recorder Installation
ASC 113A – Plane View Avionics Enhanced Navigation (includes CPDLC FANS 1/A, WAAS/LPV approaches, circling approaches, temp compensated VNAV, SRN/LRN transition, automatic preview LRN/SRN, peaks display, electronic terminal charts certified paperless, RNP 0.1 / RNP SAAR (authorization required)
ASC 091A – Enhanced Baggage Door Seal System Installation
ASC117 - Enhanced Baggage Door Striker Plates
ASC 105 – Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Installation
ASC 911A – PlaneView Master Operating System Software Update

Interior / Exterior Information

Date of Last Refurb: June 23, 2013
Fire Blocked: Yes
Cabin Certified for 16 Passengers Take Off & Landing


Date of Last Paint: June 23, 2013

Additional Information
Additional Information: 

• Broadband Multi-Link System with KU-band Modem (Yonder ViaSat)
• Honeywell High-Speed Data System HD-710 (with automatic switching between BBML and HD-710)
• Two (2) RJ-45 BBML Advanced Cabin Server wired connections, one (1) in the forward crew communications department and one (1) at the conference group
• Satellite TV Honeywell AIS-2000 Multi-Region Airborne Information System
• Honeywell MCS-7000+ SATCOM with one (1) analog handset with connector at conference grouping
• Aircell Axxess II Iridium Satellite Communication System providing two (2) channels with 4 iPhone wireless handsets with charging units and one cockpit wired handset
• No. 2 60 Hz Converter
• One (1) TIA 1603 coffeemaker
• One (1) Aerolux Espresso machine
• One (1) Sharp R-21LTF microwave oven
• One (1) Enflite hi-temp conventional oven
• One (1) Epson Stylus NX430multi-function wireless printer in Credenza
• Gulfstream High Definition Digital Audio/Video Distribution System (AVDS)
• Airshow 4000 Version 2 Passenger Flight Information System
• SecuraPlane external color video camera system (3 cameras)
• Galley Touch-Screen Monitor and Secondary Galley Switch Panel
• Two (2) galley mounted Blu-ray players
• One (1) dual iPod jack panel located in the galley
• HDMI port located at No. 2 right hand seat
• One (1) 19” HD widescreen Monitor at Credenza
• Two (2) 24” HD widescreen LCD monitors on the forward side of the aft cabin bulkhead
• One (1) 24” HD widescreen LCD monitor on the L/H forward cabin bulkhead
• One (1) 19” HD widescreen LCD monitor on the R/H forward cabin bulkhead
• Four (4) 28” single seats with 9” compatible LCD monitors in inboard armrests
• One (1) 9 “ HD compatible plug-in LCD monitor for forward communications area
• Two (2) 81” divans berthing to 7 inches in aft cabin
• Electrically operated pocket door between forward and aft cabin
• One (1) Jaclo bidet sprayer with in-line water heater in toilet enclosure
• Hinged Baggage Shelf
• One (1) High Capacity maintenance storage box with (40) lbs capacity
• SecuraPlane PreFlite Aircraft Security System

Contact Information

29 Bruton Place
London, , United Kingdom - W1J 6NJ
International Phone: +44 20 7584 3800

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