Dassault Falcon 2000LXS

Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS

Aircraft Information

Serial Number: 
Registration Number: 
Call For Price
Aircraft Description: 

One U.S. Midwest Corporate Owner Since New  •  No Damage History

ESP Platinum on Engines; MSP Gold on APU

Airframe Information

TTAF: 1204.7

Landings: 637

Engine(s) Information

Pratt & Whitney PW308C
On ESP Platinum

Left: 1204.7 HSN, 637 CSN
Right: 1204.7 HSN, 637 CSN

APU: On MSP Gold

Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 

EASy II EPIC Platform
Modular Avionics Unit   Dual Honeywell
Electronic Display & MGMT System   Honeywell
  •4 each 14.1” LCD Display Units
  •2 each Multifunction Keyboards
  •1 each Reversionary Controller
  •2 each Cursor Control Devices
  •2 each Checklist Controllers
Automatic Flight Control Systems   Dual Honeywell
Autothrottle System   Honeywell

VHF Communication Systems   Triple Honeywell
HF Communications Systems   Dual Rockwell Collins
Flight Deck Audio System w/ Radio,   Dual Honeywell
intercom & Selcal functions
Microphone (loose equipment)   2 LEM
Headset (loose equipment)   2 Telex
Emergency Locator Beacon (Tri-Frequency)   1 ELTA

VOR / ILS / Marker Navigation System   Dual Honeywell
ADF System   Dual Honeywell
Global Positioning System   Dual Honeywell
Flight Management System   Dual Honeywell

Weather Radar System   Honeywell
DME System   Dual Honeywell
Mode S Transponder Systems   Dual Honeywell
Radio Altimeter System   Honeywell
Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System   Honeywell

Reference Sensors:
Air Data System   Dual Honeywell
Standby Magnetic Compass   1 Smiths
Secondary Flight Display   1 Meggitt
MicoInertial Reference Unit   Dual Honeywell

Cockpit Voice Recorder   Honeywell
Central Maintenance Computer   Honeywell

Interior / Exterior Information

10 Passenger Floorplan:
Forward Double Club, Dining Group and Club.. Third Flight Deck Seat 16g-ERDA w/Floor Storage Drawer and Fold Down Hanger Bar

L/H Crew Closet:
Horizontal Storage for Aircraft Manuals and Forward Bulkhead Cutaway for Pilot Seat Recline

Forward Right-Hand (RH) 15" Galley Annex
Forward right-Hand (RH) 46" Galley
Forward Left-Hand (LH) 30“ Closet/Entertainment Cabinet
MED Aux. Work Surface and Storage (2 Each)

15" Galley Annex:
Ability to be interchangeable between 7 Bus Bins or 3 Atlas Tray Carriers cooled by cold air outlets (bus bins and tray carriers will be provided) and 2 Large Drawers

46" Galley:
Single High Temperature Oven with Digital Controller Located on the Door (Vendor: EnFlite), Microwave Oven (Vendor: TIA, Model: Wavejet 28 VDC), TIA 1603 Coffee Brewer, Storage Racks, Two Thermal Carafes on a Pull-out Platform, Storage for Standard Glassware, Sink (Round), Faucet (Vendor: Adams Rite, Model: AR9105 w/ Drain Rad), Trash Drawer, 1 Ice Drawer, 1 Cold Storage Drawer, Pop-out Work Surface and Storage Drawers

30" FWD Entry Closet:
Header with 10.6" Touch Screen Control (Standard) and Provisions for Entertainment Equipment, Full-Height Coat Closet, Bottom Storage Drawer, and Storage for Removable Life Raft enclosed by Stowable Solid Doors (Note: Additional tie down provisions are also provided for life rafts inside the baggage compartment) Galley Pocket Sliding Door

Aft Lavatory Vanity:
The upper section includes a center mirror that hinges upward for easy viewing and pull-up storage compartments on each side with lighting and the lower section consists of a trash container, pull-out drawers, and a towel bar


Overall Matterhorn White with Red, Gray and Blue Stripes
Single Point pressure refueling/defueling
Static discharge System
Pulsed wing-root landing lights
Red upper and lower anti-collision lights
Wing ice detection lights
Winglet LED navigation anti-collision lights
RH & LH pylon lights and internal servicing lights
Three white light strobe system (wing and tail)
Taxi light on the nose gear

Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance: 

ESP Platinum on Engines
MSP Gold on APU
No Damage History
One US Midwest Corporate Owner Since New
Airframe, engine and APU warranties through 5-19-2020
Z Inspection May 2017
Airframe structure PSE through 5-19-2025

Additional Information
Additional Information: 

•  Honeywell Third TR-866B VDR (VHF Mode 2 Data Radio) VHF Voice and FlightdeckDatalink Communications System with 118-136.975 MHz Tuning Range
•  Honeywell Third AV-900 Audio System (Required for FAA FAR Part 135 & EuropeanPublic Transport EU OPS 1)
•  AirCellAxxess II Iridium Cabin Telephone System (Dual Channel Voice Only -No PC Data Function) with: 2 Each Corded Aircell Handsets, 1 Each Cordless Aircell Handset (Does not include subscription to services)
•  Aircell Data Interface Unit (DIU) interfaces Axxess II Iridium cabin telephone system with the EASy system for Flight Deck Data Link Capability (Requires one channel dedicated to data)
•  Aircell Axxess II Expansion Transceiver (ST4020) adds Two (2) Additional Channels
•  Honeywell EASy Communications Management Function (CMF) for Satcom Direct (Flight Deck Freedom) Flight Deck Data Link Capability (Includes first year Satcom Direct Flight Deck Freedom Package 1) (Satcom Flight Deck Data Link capability also requires options 1.116.4aa and 4d, or 1.119.4aa)
•  MiltopeTP-4840 Flight Deck Text / Graphics (80 Column) Printer (Used for AFIS, Jeppcharts, and maintenance functions)
•  Honeywell EASy Electronic Jeppesen Chart Capability + FALCON PERF Software for Takeoff and Landing Performance Computation (Includes first year subscription to INDS Worldwide EASy Chart Coverage and JeppviewCharts for use in up to four (4) EFB / PC applications + first year subscription to FALCON PERF for use in up to five (5) PC / EFB applications) Not compatible with 1.128.3a.
•  ATN-B1 Data Link (Protected Mode CPDLC) (Controller/Pilot Data Link Communication via Aeronautical Telecommunication Network) Enables pilot communication with air traffic control via VHF data link (Note: Availability of CPDLC services is dependent of the selected service provider)
•  ADS-B Out -Automatic DependantSurveillance-Broadcast Out –Provides routing advantage where available for equipped aircraft and allows aircraft position to be automatically transmitted to Air Traffic Control
•  Honeywell SmartViewSynthetic Vision System (SVS) -Enhances crew situational awareness
•  Falcon Broadcast
•  CVR -RIPS Requirement (Recorder Independent Power Supply) Required for aircraft operating under FAR Part 91 / 135 regulations
•  Honeywell DFDR Lightweight Flight Data Recorder (Required for Aircraft Operating Under EASA regardless of the number of Pax Seats and Type of Operation) (Required for Aircraft w/10 or more Pax seats and Operating under FAA FAR Part 91)
•  Pratt & Whitney Data Transfer Unit (DTU) for Automatic Wireless Engine Parameters Download (Required for P&W "On Condition" Maintenance Program eligibility)
•  KGS Electronics 115 VAC 60 Hz 2000 VA Inverter with 9 Outlets (Universal outlets when installed in cabin)
•  Main Batteries Charging from GPU
•  Honeywell EASy Uplink Weather Capability (Includes first year subscription to Satcom Direct Flight Deck Freedom Weather Graphics Service with worldwide coverage) (Requires option 1.116.4aa and 4d, or 1.119.4aa)
•  CMC CMA-1100 PilotViewElectronic Flight Bag (Class II EFB) with Side Console Mount (2 Each) (Pilot and Copilot installation) (Includes first year subscription to FalconSphereapplication suite -Does not include Jeppviewsubscription) Capable of displaying electronic Jeppesen charts, performance calculations, display of live weather, display of aircraft electronic documentation, etc. to use EFB in lieu of some required aircraft paper manuals.
•  Rockwell Collins Falcon Cabin HD+: 3D Interactive Moving Map with Airshow App iPad Map and Flight Deck Controller, Cabin Safety Briefings (One Language / Default: English), 1 Each Dual Blu-Ray Player, 1 Each USB Port with Power Outlet (included in 1.212.1 or .2) for Video On Demand, 1 Each USB Port for Audio on Demand and Cabin System Remote Diagnostic, 1 Each 19" Widescreen HD LED Backlit Monitor on L/H Galley Bulkhead, 1 Each 10.6" Widescreen LED Backlit Touch Screen Control, 10 Each TouchScreenTC-6000 Cabin Controls, 1 Each iPod Touch (Remote Control), 1 Each iPad (Remote Control), 6 Each Plug-In Monitor Receptacles, 4 Each ALTO Speakers, 2 Each ALTO Subwoofers, 1 Each ALTO Amplifier, 1 Each DB System Amplifier in Lav, 1 Each ALTO Speaker in Lavatory
•  Upgrade Rockwell Collins 19" Widescreen HD LED Backlit Fwd Monitor to 22" Widescreen HD LED Backlit Monitor (Note: Seat back may hide lower part of monitor when fully upright)
•  Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Battery Powered Noise Canceling Headsets (1 per Passenger Seat)
•  Rockwell Collins 22" Widescreen HD LED Backlit Monitor for Aft Bulkhead (1 Each) (Note: Seat back may hide lower part of monitor when fully upright)
•  Rockwell Collins HDMI Interface / USB Charging Port (Compatible with all monitors) Allows distribution of one (1) HD source (not provided) to cabin system (Limitations: No control of the source through cabin system)
•  Additional Rockwell Collins Plug-In Receptacle for Plug-In Monitors (2 Each) (Not provided with option 2.000.8DW1)
•  Rockwell Collins Plug-In 10.6" Color HD LED Backlit Touch Screen Monitor with Swing Arm (2 Each) (Not certified for taxi, takeoff, and landing)
•  PC VGA Video Interface / 3.5mm Audio Jack / Three Color-Coded RCA Style Jacks for Audio/Video Input distributed in the cabin through cabin system (1 Each)
•  B/E AEROSPACE UCT 20'' (16G) Seat w/ 3'' Armrests, 41'' Seat Back Height, ''Winged'' Headrest and Electrical Lumbar (4 Each)
•  B/E Aerospace UCT 18" (16G) Seat w/ One 2" Armrest, 41" Seat Back Height, Winged Headrest and Electrical Lumbar (2 Each)
•  B/E Aerospace UCT Leg Rest (2 Each)
•  B/E Aerospace UCT 18" 16G Seat w/ 41" Seat Back Height, Winged Headrest and Electrical Lumbar (2 Sets)
•  24'' x 28'' Console Table
•  24" x 26" Telescoping Console Table (In 2.000.8DW0 & 2.000.10DW1
•  Electric Hi/Low Conference / Dining Table 42" L x 28" W
•  Tracking Magazine Racks (2 Each)
•  Telescoping Tow Bar Installation
•  Third EROS Oxygen Mask (Additional) (Required for aircraft operating under FAR Part 135)
•  EROS MXP 400/800 Series (Large Box) (2 Each) One-Piece Convertible Full-Face Mask w/Removable Goggle (Exchange)
•  Enlarged Oxygen Bottle (115 Cu. Ft.)
•  Winslow Life Rafts w/Storage Provisions (2 Each 9-man) with 406 ELT and Emergency Transceiver (Exchange for Standard)
•  Fabric Protection Treatment
•  Metal Plating (to be selected among the predefined list)
•  Lower Sidewalls with 1/8" Metal Trim Strips
•  Wood Veneer MED Actuator Cover
•  Sheepskin Inserts for Pilot and Copilot Seats
•  Standard Tableware
•  Aircell Broadband Module (ATG 4000) Allows Data Connectivity up to 3.1 Mbps (Requires option 1.116.4aa) (U.S. coverage only) Installation includes two (2) dedicated antennas and two (2) Ethernet ports
•  Honeywell Third Flight Management System
•  SBAS / LPV -Satellite Based Augmentation System / Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance Minimal -Increases accessible runways in adverse weather conditions
•  Honeywell SmartRunwayRAAS -Provides audible Runway Awareness Advisory System
•  FANS-1/A+ DataLink(CPDLC & ADS-C) (Controller/Pilot Data Link Communication via Satcom system over oceanic tracks/remote areas)
•  Honeywell Second RT-300 Radio Altimeter
•  Rockwell Collins HGS-4860 Head Up Display (HUD) System (CAT I Manual, CAT I and II Monitoring) (Includes training for two (2) pilots)
•  Automatic Descent Mode -Initiates automatic descent to a safe altitude in case of cabin depressurization that could affect crew consciousness at high altitude.
•  Honeywell Third Micro Inertial Reference System
•  Honeywell DFDR -Upgrade to 88 Parameters (Required for aircraft with 10 or more passenger seats operating under FAA FAR Part 135 and for all Russian registered aircraft) (Requires option 1.173.1
•  Honeywell XM Broadcast Weather System (U.S. coverage only) (Includes first year subscription to Honeywell Weather Information Network (WINN) XM service) (Requires option 1.368.4 and/or option 1.369.2a for display)
•  XM Graphical Weather on EASy displays -Allows display of Honeywell Weather Information Network (WINN) on EASy I-NAV (Does not include subscription and requires option 1.368.3)
•  Replace Lattissima Delonghi Nespresso Machine with TIA 1603 Coffee Brewer
•  Provide 2 Each Seat Belt Extensions as Loose Equipment
•  Custom Exterior Paint (Drawing F2000LXS-859-3.000.3)
•  Polish Latches for Air Start Panel, H2O Panel & APU Service Door (including hinge)
•  Chrome Plate Landing Light Bezels and Wing Ice Detection Light Bezels
•  Apply SB-F2000EX-096 / N2819 -New maintenance ladder to ease engine covers installation
•  Remove Metal Upper Galley Drawer and Pop-Out Work Surface Bullnose (Replace with wood veneer) -Only with 6.210.10
•  Remove Metal Tambour Door (Replace with wood veneer) -Only with 6.210.9
•  Sheepskin Inserts for Third Crew Seat
•  Maintenance Covers (Ultra IV Material) for 1 Each Single Passenger Seat (20") and 1 Each Dual Seat
•  Second-Handrail installed in Wilmington (DFJ Facility)
•  Boom-Beam lighting installed in St. Louis (DFJ Facility)

Contact Information

1601 Hwy. 13 East
Ste. 206
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States - 55337
Ph: (952) 894-8559

Email Central Business Jets, Inc.