Cessna Citation X

Aircraft Information

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Reasons to buy THIS Citation X

  • Two (2) U.S. Part 91 Owners
  • Professionally Operated & Maintained
  • Major Maintenance Performed by Cessna Service Centers
  • Engines Enrolled on Rolls-Royce CorporateCare® & APU Enrolled on AuxAdvantage®
  • Belted Lavatory Seat & Extended Range Oxygen
  • FMS Version NZ 6.0 & Honeywell DL-950 Data Loader
  • Aircell Axxess Iridium® SATCOM & Satellite AFIS®
  • Dual Honeywell HF Communications System with SELCAL
  • Dual Concorde Lead Acid Main Batteries & LED Wing Navigation Lights
  • Forward & Aft Air Bearing Air Cycle Machine Conversion


Aircraft Information sheet: 
Aircraft Location: 
Duluth, Georgia
Airframe Information

TTAF: 3855.8

Landings: 2679

Time/Landings as of 12/11/16

Aircraft Weights
MAX RAMP: 36,400 lbs.
MAX TAKEOFF: 36,100 lbs.
MAX LANDING: 31,800 lbs.
MAX ZERO FUEL: 24,400 lbs.
EMPTY WEIGHT: 21,842.52 lbs.
MAX FUEL: 13,000 lbs.

Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 

Honeywell PRIMUS® 2000 with Phase 7 Software
AFCS: Honeywell Primus® 2000 Integrated Avionics Flight Control System with Emergency Descent Mode
EFIS: Five (5) Honeywell DU-870 Display Units
FMS: Dual Honeywell FMZ P-2000 Flight Management System with Software Level NZ 6.0 (TOLD, VGP Mode, Vectors to FAF, AFIS with Weather Graphics)*
CDU: Dual Honeywell CD-820 Control Display Units
LRNAV: Dual Honeywell LASEREF® IV Inertial Reference System
ADS: Dual Honeywell AZ-840 Micro Air Data Computers
VHF COM: Dual Honeywell RCZ-833 VHF Communication Units with 8.33 kHz Spacing and Honeywell CD-850 Clearance Delivery Unit
HF COM: Dual Honeywell KHF-1050 HF Communications System with SELCAL
SATCOM: Aircell AST 3500 Iridium® Satellite Telecommunications System*
PHONE: Aircell AST 3500 Iridium® Satellite Flight Phone with Cockpit & Cabin Handsets*
DATA LINK: Honeywell Airborne Flight Information System (AFIS) with Satellite Interface*
RMU: Dual Honeywell RM-855 Radio Management Units
AUDIO: Dual Honeywell AV-850 Digital Audio Control Panels
GPS: Dual Honeywell GPS Receivers
NAV: Dual Honeywell RNZ-850 Navigation Units
DME: Dual Honeywell DME-850 DME Modules
ADF: Honeywell DF-850 ADF Receiver
RADAR: Honeywell Primus® 880 Weather Radar System
RADALT: Honeywell AA-300 Radio Altimeter System
TAWS: Honeywell Mark V EGPWS (Class A TAWS)*
ACAS: Honeywell CAS-67A TCAS II with Change 7.0    
XPNDR: Dual Honeywell XS-852 Mode S Enhanced Transponders
CVR: Fairchild FA2100 Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder
ELT: Sextant KANAD AF 406 AF 406 MHz ELT

*Certain Installed Applications/Equipment Require Optional Subscriptions

Engine(s) Information

Rolls-Royce AE 3007C1
On Rolls-Royce CorporateCare®

Left: S/N CAE330499
3855.8 HSN, 2679 CSN, 4500 TBO Interval

Right: S/N CAE330508
3855.8 HSN, 2679 CSN, 4500 TBO Interval

Times/Cycles as of 12/11/16

APU: GTCP36-150(CX)   S/N P-364
3178 HSN, 4266 CSN, 4500 HSI Due
On AuxAdvantage®

Time as of 10/21/16

Interior / Exterior Information

Passenger Seating Capacity:  Nine (9) Approved for Taxi, Takeoff & Landing

Configuration, Storage & Miscellaneous:
This double club fire blocked interior accommodates up to nine passengers, including a belted lavatory seat.  Additionally, there is a forward right-hand refreshment center opposite a coat closet with navigation chart/flight manual storage, an aft lavatory with a large centerline closet, and an aft external baggage compartment.

All of the main cabin passenger seats offer varying degrees of swivel, tracking, recline, and berthing capabilities, as well as dual retractable armrests.  The forward cabin’s right-hand forward-facing seat is the VIP seat with an enhanced passenger control unit featuring cabin temperature control.  Each pair of club seats features a pull-out executive table, and each of the main cabin’s forward-facing seats contains a pull-out foot rest.  The cabin also offers electric window shades, LED indirect lighting, and 110 VAC outlets are located throughout the cockpit, cabin, and lavatory areas.

Forward dividers with pocket doors separate the cockpit from the refreshment center, and aft dividers with pocket doors provide privacy between the aft cabin and the lavatory.

Cabin Management & Entertainment:
The cabin management system consists of individual digital control panels with headset jacks, and a refreshment center master control panel.  The cabin entertainment system features Airshow® Network with a Flight Deck Controller and cockpit overhead Rosen LCD monitor, dual DVD players, a forward left-hand bulkhead Rosen 10.4” LCD monitor, and three (3) Rosen 8.4” LCD plug-in monitors with a plug-in receptacles located at each main cabin seat.

An Aircell AST 3500 Iridium® satellite telecommunications system provides satellite voice calling via one cockpit and two cabin wired handsets.

Interior Finishes:
The cabinetry and moldings are finished in Carl Booth “Birdseye Maple” high gloss veneer, and the cabin exposed metal, including the lavatory sink and faucet, features “Fine Antique Bronze” plating.  “Honeycomb” patterned carpeting is installed throughout the cabin and lavatory areas.  The cabin headliner and PCU panels are finished in “Wild Rice” Ultrasuede®, beige fabric covers the window panels and shades, the lower sidewalls are finished in patterned tan leather, and “Mica” leather covers the main cabin and lavatory seats.  The refreshment center and lavatory vanity feature “Golden Leaf” granite countertops.

Refreshment Center:  Forward
Along with several storage compartments and drawers, the large refreshment center is equipped with a lighted granite work surface with integrated leather protective cover, divided ice drawer, locking storage compartment, dual hot beverage containers with an overboard drain, TIA Wavejet® microwave, trash drawer, magazine rack, and several general storage drawers. 

Lavatory:  Aft
The aft lavatory is equipped with an externally-serviced, electric flushing belted toilet opposite a lighted vanity with sink and faucet with temperature-controlled water and storage compartments.

Baggage Compartment:
The externally-accessible approximately 72.0 cubic feet aft baggage compartment features an exterior door with integrated steps, heating, and pressurization.


The exterior is painted in overall “Snow White” with stripes in “Starlight Silver Metallic”, “Blue Metallic #4”, and “Medium Concorde Blue Metallic”.

Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance: 

Computer Maintenance Tracking Program:  CESCOM
Inspection Program:  Part 91.409(f)(3) Manufacturer’s Recommended Inspection Program
Inspection Document 3 c/w 12/14/15 @3,500.1 hours, next due 12/31/17
Inspection Document 4 c/w 05/18/13 @2,650.1 hours, next due 05/31/17
Inspection Document 6 c/w 05/23/14 @2,904.8 hours, next due 04/30/23
Inspection Document 11 c/w 05/23/14 @2,904.8 hours, next due 04/30/17

Additional Information
Additional Information: 

RVSM and NAT/MNPS Capable
RNP-10, RNP-4, P-RNAV, B-RNAV/RNP 5, and Category II Operations Capable
LED Wing Navigation Lights
Precise Flight Pulselite System Interfaced to TCAS II
Devore Tail Flood Lights
Honeywell DL-950 Data Loader
SB 750-05-02 – Retrofit to MSG-3 Schedule Maintenance Program
SB 750-21-02 R4 – Forward & Aft Air Bearing Air Cycle Machine Conversion
SB 750-21-28 – Baggage Door Service Air Improvement
SB 750-27-62 R3 – Horizontal Stabilizer & Elevator Hinge Improvement
SB 750-32-53 – Parking Brake Cable Improvement
SB 750-32-56 – Emergency Landing Bottle Improvement    
SB 750-55-04 R2 – Pylon Access Panel Modification
SB 750-55-10 R3 – Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuator Electronic Control Module Improvement
SB 750-55-11 – Inspection/Modification of the Upper Rudder Hinge
SB 750-57-13 R1 – Access Panel & P-Static Paint Improvement

Factory Options Installed:
U.S. Certification with Max Allowable JAA Items
Dual Concorde Lead Acid Battery
Defuel Plumbing
Extended Range Oxygen System with Panel Oxygen Pressure Indicator
APU ECU Spare Mounting Provisions
Flight Data Recorder Provisions (G Switch & Accelerometer Only)

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