Bombardier Global 6000

Aircraft Information

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Registration Number: 
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Airframe Information

TTAF: 340

Landings: 196

Engine(s) Information

Left: 340 HSN, 196 CSN
Right: 340 HSN, 196 CSN

APU: RE220GX   S/N P-655
519 HSN

Avionics / Radios Information
Avionics / Radios: 

Electronic flight bag
Paperless Cockpit
Multi-scan Weather Radar
Triple-advanced Flight Management System
Link 2000 +
Wind Sheer Escape
Vertical Situation Display
Auto throttle with both dual and single Engine
Future Air Navigation System (FANS)
ADB-S In & Out
Wide Area Augmentation System
Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance
Controller Pilot Datalink Communication
Electronic Flight Bag co-pilot side

Interior / Exterior Information

Fifteen (15) passenger interior, 1 crew, 1 cockpit jump seat and 1 crew rest.

Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance: 

Airframe & APU: Bombardier’s Smart Parts/ Bombardier Support for 5 yrs
Left and Right Engine: Rolls Royce for 10 yrs
Airworthiness certificate dated: 11/09/2014
Last Date of Flying: January 25, 2016
Maintenance Records: All Maintenance Up to date

Additional Information
Additional Information: 

Standard Bombardier Vision 6000 Installation, plus:
Head-Up Display (HUD)
Satcom with four handsets
Moving map display with International border marked
Hi speed internet with Wi-Fi
(2) Fixed (large) Monitors
Pylon Lights
Spare Carpet & Spare Material
Air Stair handrail extension
Entertainment System for PAX
(1) LED 9”

Datalink graphical weather system
SMS-5000 surface management system
Electric floor tracking assist (single seats only)
LH entrance enclosure
Jeppesen & flight manual storage drawer
Extra electric outlets in galley, 115v/60hz w/GFCI
Rain canopy with rain gutter
Custom exterior upgrade
Cockpit sunshield kit
Winglet viewing mirrors (cockpit)
Main entry door – aft hand rail extension
Enviroclean system (fwd and aft lavatories)
(3) Aircraft identification plates
(3) self inflating mattresses
(2) IPod cradle installations
Airshow: day-night map with time zones
Reduced vertical separation minimums (RVSM)
Main entry door, aesthetic side cover
Polish – cockpit windshield frame
Polish – engine cowling latches
(3) Floor mat heaters – entrance area only
Self inflating mattress for divan
Double flip down butler table
Credenza and low cabinet top – one inlay
Fwd lavatory bulkhead – full veneer
Single seat design style (F) with custom piping
Double seat design style (F) with custom piping
Universal outlets
Non skid material airstair
Mid cabin credenza upgrade
Lower directional TSS antenna (ILO omnidirectional)
Flight crew emergency vision assurance system (EVAS) as loose equipment
(1) TB audio-video streaming system (AVOD)
(1) HDMI port in the forward armrest cabinet in RH side midcabin zone (2a) selectable via the CMS
Crew area to be occupied by a passenger for taxi and take off and landing
Double flip down butler table in the crew area

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Teterboro, New Jersey, United States - 07608-1132
Ph: (201) 365-6080

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