Boeing BBJ

Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ
Boeing BBJ

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The Boeing BBJ (Business Jet) is an ultra-long range twin-turbofan jet based on the Boeing 737 passenger jet, using the fuselage of the 737-700 with the strengthened wings and landing gear of the larger 737-800. The Boeing BBJ is also known as a Boeing model 737-700IGW (Increased Gross Weight). There is no sequential progression of serial numbers for the Boeing BBJ. Fuselages are taken at random from the Boeing 737-700 passenger jet production line and completed as BBJ's by the addition of wings and landing gear from the 737-800 and winglets.

2011 Boeing Business Jet, Serial Number 40117, VP-BOP, In Service 2013, 2024 TT, 7 Tanks, CFM56-7B27, 29 Pax Beautifully Appointed Interior with all Amenities, Immediate Availability, Call Eric +1 941-586-6345

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Airframe Information

TTAF: 2024

Landings: 532

Wingspan: 35.79M
Cabin Length: 24.18M
Cabin Width: 3.25M
Cabin Height: 2.16M
Cabin Area: 75.81M^2
Airframe Length: 33.63M
Airframe Height: 12.55M
Engine Thrust: 27,300Lb
Range: 11,547KM
Maximum Altitude: 12,500M
Maximum Take Off Weight: 77,564KG
Speed: 1,004.56KM/H

Engine(s) Information


Left: S/N 960154
2024 HSN, 532 CSN

Right: S/N 960155
2024 HSN, 532 CSN

APU: 2249 HSN, 1275 CSN

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