Mediterranean Activity Lifts Market

This month there was YOY growth in business aviation departures. This was 0.8%, small, but included major bounce-back in activity in Italy and Spain, as well as growth in France. There was marginal growth for Piston and turboprop fleets but 2.3% growth for the Jet fleet. Private activity narrowly increased, with charter activity up for the first month in 2013, by 1.3% YOY.

At the mid-year point, European business aviation in 2013 is 3% down on 2012.


Hamburg/ Germany, July 8th, 2013 - According to WINGX`s latest monthly Business Aviation Monitor,

There were 69,000 flight departures in June 2013, 9% increase on May. Of these, 35,520 were charter flights, 10% increase on May.