Rectrix Aviation Continues to Hold ARGUS Platinum Rating for Safe Operations

KBED/Concord, MA (March 5, 2018) – Rectrix Aviation announced today that ARGUS International, Inc. has once again recognized the company with its prestigious Platinum Rating. The Platinum Rating is the highest safety classification given to aviation operators. This marks the eighth consecutive year that Rectrix has held the ARGUS Platinum Rating. ARGUS charter operator ratings are the industry’s most respected, recognized, and requested symbol of the highest quality commercial operators around the world.

“As a company, safety is always our top priority at Rectrix. We work hard at every level of the company to attain the highest levels of safety and continually implement best practices to stay on top of changes,” said Rectrix CEO Rich Cawley. “Holding the ARGUS Platinum Rating speaks to our diligent employees as well as to our commitment to customers and the exceptional experience we seek to provide them.”

ARGUS is an independent rating system that takes individual histories of aircraft operators into account when assigning grades. The ARGUS Platinum Rating is only awarded to experienced operators who meet or exceed an array of exceptional safety standards established by ARGUS and pass the ARGUS Platinum on-site safety audit. The ARGUS rating system uses a wide range of tools in order to come up with the assigned operator ratings including historical safety ratings, current aircraft, pilot background checks, and on-site safety audits.

Rectrix was recognized with the Platinum Rating for also having, in addition to its flight department, a private jet maintenance department to handle all the maintenance and safety needs of its aircraft, operating an FAA-sanctioned 145 repair station, exceeding the strict safety standards set forth by the FAA, hiring highly qualified and experienced flight crews that also surpass FAA regulations, and for implementing an internal safety program and standards.

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About Rectrix Aviation
Rectrix Aviation is a division of its parent company, Rectrix Commercial Aviation Services, Inc. The company offers premium private jet charter on their own fleet of jets and is the largest private jet operator in Massachusetts. In 2009 Rectrix acquired global jet charter operating authority for 10 or more passenger seats with the purchase of New World Jet Corporation (Air Carrier Certificate #6RXA771M). This charter operation, rebranded as Rectrix Aviation, Inc., enabled the company to offer private jet charter travel in a cost-effective manner by utilizing their own fleet of Lear 45 and Challenger 300 and 604 aircraft at their state-of-the-art Rectrix Aerodrome Center private terminals. Exceptional service is the core principle of how Rectrix operates, and the company is committed to growing the aviation industry in Massachusetts and throughout the nation. Rectrix Aviation has an ARG/US Platinum Rating, which is awarded to air charter operators who have integrated the highest level of safety and follow the industry’s best safety practices in their flight operations, aircraft maintenance, training and oversight. In 2016 Rectrix launched a passenger shuttle servicing Hyannis on Cape Cod and Nantucket. Shuttle routes were expanded to Worcester in 2017.