October Marks Full-Year of BizAv Traffic Growth

Brussels, 13 November 2017 - With an 8.9% upsurge in movements compared to the same period last year, October’s strong business aviation traffic figures in Europe signalled a key milestone for the sector, with the first full 12 months of uninterrupted growth in almost a decade.

“October was a watershed month for business aviation movements in Europe, denoting the first full year of traffic growth since 2008,” said Brandon Mitchener, EBAA CEO, citing data provided by Eurocontrol. “What is more, all European countries have experienced traffic growth since January 2017, and all the top 10 business aviation airports in Europe have seen positive traffic figures since the beginning of the year,” he added.

The Eurocontrol traffic figures cover departures, arrivals, internals and overflights (DAIO) of business aircraft in the Single European Sky area.

See the October 2017 Business Aviation Traffic Tracker Europe.

About EBAA:
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