Baker Aviation Names New HOT-STOP 'L' Dealer

May 18, 2016 – Addison, Texas – Baker Aviation, a full-service aircraft maintenance, management and charter company in North Texas, and Master Distributor for the HOT-STOP® ’L’ Fire Containment Kits, in affiliation with Industrial Energy Products (IEP), the manufacturer of the HOT-STOP® ‘L’ product line, have designated as the first domestic stocking dealer.

In 10 Years, Has Evolved Into Diverse Business

AUGUSTA, Kan. (Nov. 25, 2013) — has evolved and grown dramatically since it was founded in 2003 as a spares and replacement parts business to primarily serve owners and operators of Beechcraft products. Its development into an industry leader in the distribution, repair, overhaul and manufacturing of spares and replacement parts has turned the Augusta, Kan.-based company into a resource for more than just aviation components.

Through parts distribution, we’ve evolved.

In today’s highly competitive, cost-conscious business world every hour counts. You can’t afford
to have a high-value asset like your aircraft sitting on the ground awaiting a critical replacement