Aircraft Lighting Update for March 2019

Greg Winchell - Commercial Business Director

If you have been around the aviation industry, chances are you have heard of him. With over 30 years of lighting industry experience, Mr. Winchell has worked in a handful of companies and has a wealth of hands-on experience in the business. Mr. Winchell's experience ranges from manufacturing LED chips and fixtures, to dealing with NVIS (Night-Vision Imaging Systems) and military aviation, he has seen it all. Mr. Winchell has dealt with multiple aspects of the manufacturing process and has experience with both Original Equipment Manufacturing and Aftermarket Sales. Undoubtedly, Mr. Winchell will prove to be a valuable asset to the team, and we could not be happier to have him on board. With years of sales management experience both domestically and internationally, Mr. Winchell knows how to cater to customer needs, and you know that he will guide you expertly through your aircraft's requirements. When asked about his new position, Mr. Winchell said, “After many years in the aerospace lighting industry, I am thrilled to join such a great company and team of people. I have known Nick Michelinakis for many years. I have always been so impressed with his innovations and reputation for solving the needs of our industry. To be out there representing A.L.I. products and to be a part of his team could not be a better fit for me.” Greg, from all of us here at A.L.I., we’re happy to have on the team and look forward to working with you.

N2024 Dimmer Module Now PMA Certified

On March 8, 2018, A.L.I.'s Part Number N2024 Dimmer Module was PMA Certified.  This plug-n-play dimmer module replaces the AL-2024 and works with our already PMA certified L5800-XXX-YY LEDs. Which means the L5800 LED System is now a fully certified, entirely plug and play upgrade to the discontinued B/E 5800 system and a more affordable alternative to the 7800 system.  Receiving the PMA Cert for the N2024 demonstrates A.L.I.’s continued mission to give owner/operators what they need in a simple package. Now all you have to do is unplug the existing dimmer module and old lamps and plug in our PMA’d L5800 LEDs and N2024 Dimmer Module.  You’ll keep the current connectors, controllers, and enjoy improved lighting. There is no new wiring or CMS. 


On one of our recent projects A.L.I. worked with C&L Aviation Group on an ongoing project upgrading Embraer 135s. C&L Aviation Group did an outstanding job updating the first regional aircraft for this project, and the use of A.L.I.'s LEDs only serves to complement their excellent craft. On this aircraft, you'll find A.L.I.'s PMA certified Self-Ballasted LED system with step dimming. This system is approved for over 70 aircraft.  Give us a call and let's see what we can do for you! Click on the image to see more pictures of this fantastic project!