AIRCARE FACTS® Training Introduces New Cabin Fire Trainer into their Arsenal of Crew Training Simulators


Press Contact:  Dale Eldredge, 360-754-9805

(Las Vegas, NV, October 9, 2011)

AIRCARE FACTS Training announced today that it has introduced the first of three new mobile aircraft cabin fire trainers into their fleet of emergency procedures simulators.

The new mobile trainers allow crewmembers to experience in-flight fire fighting in an enclosed business aircraft cabin-like environment. The first simulator, dubbed “FACTS Fire 1”, produces smoke and live fire from three separate locations; an enclosed lavatory, a galley and cabin divan seating area. Crewmembers use smoke hoods, protective gear and fire extinguishers to combat fire in these spaces.

“AIRCARE FACTS Training is known for it’s industry standard program that incorporates mobile full motion cabin simulators in order to provide a more realistic emergency procedures training experience,” said Jeffrey Roberts, CEO of AIRCARE Solutions Group and AIRCARE FACTS Training International, “The cabin fire training simulators add a whole new dimension to this realism. Our job is to turn ordinary crews into elite crews and the closer we can get them to the real thing, the better they can handle real world situations in the air, in the hangar and at home.”

AIRCARE FACTS Training specializes in crewmember emergency procedures training for business aviation. The company’s courses combine classroom instruction with extensive hands-on equipment drills to provide an elite training experience for pilots, flight attendants, maintenance technicians and flight engineers.

AIRCARE FACTS trained crews receive instruction on land and water evacuation procedures including water ditching, in-flight and ground emergencies, in-flight medical, smoke and live fire fighting, turbulence, decompression, hypoxia awareness, crew coordination and more, using aircraft specific safety and emergency equipment. The training courses meet the requirements for FAA Part 135, JU OPS, and CAR 604 emergency procedures training.

The company has four fixed bases in the world including Morristown, NJ, Dallas, TX, Long Beach CA and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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